4 Girls, 1 Ocean

Team Boatylicious are attempting to set a new world record by becoming the first female four to row from California to Hawaii, as part of New Ocean Wave's Great Pacific Race. They're also aiming to raise £40,000 for three great charities, WaterAid, Hope and Homes for Children and The Ahoy Centre.

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The Challenge

The girls will follow the west-bound passage across the mid pacific from Monterey Bay, California to Honolulu, Hawaii - a distance of 2,400 miles.

To put the challenge into perspective, over 5,700 people have reached the summit of Mount Everest whereas only 5 people have ever rowed this Pacific Ocean route.

As the race is self-supported, the crew will carry all their equipment and food aboard their boat for the duration of their journey. They will be sticking to a rigorous rowing schedule of 2 hours on, 2 hours off for 24 hours a day in order to complete the race within 40 to 45 days.

The Crew

With limited prior rowing experience and hectic work schedules, the girls will be pushing both their mental and physical strength to the limit in order to achieve their goals.

Emily Blagden

Emily Blagden

Trainee Surveyor

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I wanted to do something completely alien to me, that would be both adventurous and challenging and I was after a project that would combine my interest in expeditions, sporting pursuits and humanitarian work.

Aofie Ni Mhaolileoin

Aoife Ni Mhaoileoin

Expedition Doctor

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I wanted to take part in a challenge so enormous that it would take everything I have to make it a success! And 8 months of hard work, 480 odd hours of rowing in a 24ft boat and a fundraising target of £40,000 definitely fits the bill!

Ingrid Kvale

Ingrid Kvale

TV Producer

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I'm looking forward to spending days out on the ocean. I love the sea and am rather conveniently addicted to the sport of rowing. I’m also looking forward to the camaraderie of my fellow team mates, and unexpected encounters with friendly marine life.

Amanda Challans

Amanda Challans

Management Consultant

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As a sailor, kayaker and rower, I love being on the water, and I’m looking for a new challenge that will pull together everything I’ve ever learnt. This will be the toughest thing I’ve ever done, but something tells me it will be worth it!

Our Boat

From the moment we step off land, the boat will be our life support, carrying us with our food and equipment for the duration of the race.

We are thrilled to be attempting the row aboard 'Black Oyster', the winning boat of the GB Row Challenge 2013. The 24-foot boat has two rowing positions with a small cabin in both the stern and the bow for shelter and storage. Food will be stored below deck and emergency freshwater reserves will be stored in the ballast, which will help the boat to self-right following a capsize. The sea anchor, shaped like a parachute will be deployed in strong winds to slow backwards drift.

Our Charities


WaterAid works with the poorest and most marginalised communities to set up practical and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene projects that meet their real needs. They are also strive to influence the policies of governments and global institutions to bring positive changes on a global scale.

Hope and Homes for Children

Hope and Homes for Children is an international charity working to ensure that all children have the chance to grow up in the love of a family. They are the leading experts in closing children’s institutions and reforming childcare systems.

The Ahoy Centre

The Ahoy Centre, based in Greenwich, uses water based activities to break down social barriers and aids children to develop essential life skills, self confidence and pride.

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In order to raise awareness and funds for our charities we still need your support to help us get to the starting line.

We're extremely grateful for your donations.

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